Whitepaper: Trust – The New Bottom Line

|Whitepaper: Trust – The New Bottom Line

Trust – the new bottom line

Author: Jim Hetherton

Jim-webWhen people see that a leader is trustworthy and is also far-sighted, passionate, courageous, wise and generous, they’ll fully align around that person – they’ll commit to him or her as a leader. All the elements are important, but trustworthiness is the bottom line. Trust has emerged as a new line in the P&L of business – one to be developed and delivered. Companies that embrace the new reality, where the interests of all stakeholders must be considered equally, will see their credibility rise accordingly.

Now is the time for companies and CEOs to deliver performance, communicate frequently and honestly, and consider the role of business in society. Now is the time for business to prove its commitment to profit and purpose.

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