Organisations with highly engaged employees were 26% more productive and 13% more profitable over the last five years (Watson Wyatt Survey 2008/9)

There have been many studies and surveys done on the subject of productivity and most conclude it’s about good people practices.

Our research shows that employees have seven key needs:

1. I want to like my organisation
– I need to know where it’s going and how it’s going to get there.

2. I want to like my boss – I need to feel valued and know what is expected of me and be compensated fairly for results.

3. I want to like the work I am doing – I need to see that what I do aligns with the strategic goals of the organisation.

4. I want to be kept informed – I need to know what is happening and for my organisation to be open and honest with me.

5. I want to be heard – I need to feel I can express my views whatever they may be and that I will be listened to.

6. I want the tools to do my job – I need the best technology so that I can work efficiently.

7. I want to feel secure – I need to see my future career path and what I could attain based on my achievements.

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