Creating Engaging Compliance Training

At one time or another you will have had to undertake the dreaded compliance training, faced with the eLearning module that when you click on to the landing page the enormity of the task is revealed. It describes your 60-minute learning journey with a 30 question knowledge check in which you must gain 90%.  You can see from the first few pages that those 60 minutes you are going to spend very much hoping at the end you can answer […]

“Building Engagement through Leadership videos” By Bradley Williams

Imagine, if you will, that you want to share a message with your team. You’re successful. You’re confident. You’re comfortable speaking in front of hundreds. You’ve done all the courses on generating presence and successful verbal delivery mechanisms. Hell, you might even be so bold as to say that you’re popular. People just naturally listen to what you have to say. You’re qualified. OVER qualified. You’re going to record a video message. You can get in, drop a message in […]

Video: Shaping Learning in 2021 for the future of work

In response to the paradigm shifts caused by the Covid crisis, we engaged with our global network of clients in discussion forums. The purpose was to gather insight, to share best practice and experiences from COVID-19 and discuss how this presents an opportunity for learning to shape the future of work in 2021 and support the growth of our economies around the world.

Nigel Jeremy and Kevin Johnson reflect on the discussions and subsequent report to highlight some areas organisations should […]

Seasons Greetings

From everyone in the global OnTrack family, we would like to wish all of our clients and partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

We have all experienced a tumultuous year in 2020, typically OnTrack would send gifts and cards to our clients and partners at this time of the year. Due to the difficulties in doing this safely, and in recognition of 60% of adults saying that their Mental Health got worse during the lockdown, we have instead […]

Report: Learning in a post-COVID world

For years OnTrack has taken the lead in addressing critical topics related to the learning industry – everything from gender balance to technology advancement and learning as a strategic business function. In the process, we’ve regularly pulled regional and global learning leaders from some of the largest and most successful organisations in the world together to discuss and learn from each other. Through the months of June and July 2020, in response to the paradigm shifts caused by the COVID […]

Blended learning does not just mean eLearning.

As 2020 has, for most businesses, changed the way we operate, those looking to train their teams are currently having to switch quickly to some form of remote learning solution.  The speed with which this is having to be done is rapid but too often the long-term result is not being considered over the short-term gain.

eLearning has crept into many more businesses, by necessity, but simply turning everything to pure eLearning is by no means the only solution for remote […]

Learning and Development challenges in 2020

Learning and Development has changed exponentially over the last few years largely due to the advancement of the internet. 2020 has been no different….if anything the change has accelerated. 2021 will bring its own challenges to the world of Learning and Development, new ways of learning and new subjects being required. Below are some of the challenges and developments that you may have faced within the Learning and Development world during 2020, or should expect in 2021, with some ideas […]

Icebreakers for virtual meetings

As remote working has become the norm for the foreseeable future, more and more companies are diving deep into virtual meetings over platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Video conferencing platforms have seen a staggering increase in users since the start of lockdown. According to a recent report, Zoom has seen 200 million daily users on their platform on average during the lockdown. This is compared to an average of 10 million they were seeing in December 2019.

As you […]

Webinar: Enabling early talent to perform

Following on from our successful “Big Conversation” webinars through the summer months on the impact of COVID on learning, we have decided to continue the series. This time we are focussing on the future of talent recruitment and onboarding, how it is changing, and if the changes are addressing the challenges businesses are really facing?

We’re excited to announce that The Big Conversation Webinar will be in association with MyKindaFuture to discuss how you can recruit talent into your organisation and […]

Strategic Facilitation in a virtual world

OnTrack has been leading strategic team meetings on our clients’ behalf for decades, and over that time we have developed many engaging ways to help senior leadership teams make decisions and plan to:

Create and deliver strategies
Increase engagement
Respond to business challenges
Work better as a leadership team
Align around strategic cross-team or function projects

Now we use the full functionality of multiple meeting and collaboration tools to achieve the same results. Using breakout rooms, polling around key issues and then exploring those results to […]

ACHIEVE- Performance Management

For many, the thought of completing Performance Management activities was daunting enough when they were in the same location as their team members. It seems to have been made more daunting by the effects of COVID-19.

At OnTrack, we have identified the seven core factors of performance and share them with you, together with a framework for assessing your team’s performance, wherever they now work from.

The ACHIEVE programme is a series of virtual classroom solutions that allow users to identify the […]

Lockdown – Find Your Edge

As the second wave sweeps across Europe, we look at how you equip for being in lockdown for extended periods. Our clients are looking for ways in which to support colleagues through the existing restrictions we face, and how to prepare for what may lay ahead. OnTrack turned to people with experience in this area, people with a background in Royal Marines military operations.

The “Find Your Edge” programme will provide insight from people who have been in “Lockdown” for extended […]

We are hiring

Are you a Digital Learning Consultant with experience in creating innovative blended solutions? If so, we have a fantastic opportunity to work with us, an award-winning global learning consultancy.

You will be conducting scoping sessions with clients and challenging their briefs, as well as designing and project managing the blended learning solutions.

To learn more or apply, view the full role description here.

New managers: Transitioning from doing to leading

We recently completed a Learning & Development programme with Moneybarn, the UK’s leading provider of specialist car, van and motorbike finance to drivers who don’t have a perfect credit score.

When Christine McGuire joined the company as Learning & Development Partner training was function-focused. “It covered things like how to log an absence, or conduct a disciplinary meeting, but not much else,” she explains.

The business was growing very rapidly and there was a need to help new managers understand what was […]

HEROES – how do you deal with crisis? #keepingOnTrack

Brad Williams introduces HEROES. Over the last few months, our resolve has been tested. We have seen our way of life, turned upside down. It has often been said, how you have dealt with Covid-19 will shape your future. At OnTrack, we recognised the need to help people, very early on we created a programme called HEROES;


The knowledge and skills people develop now will help them for many years to come. Talk to us at OnTrack about our HEROES programme, and […]

The final “Big Conversation” – Americas

The last in our trilogy of “Big Conversations” will take place Wednesday 29 July midday (Eastern Time US and Canada). Your host for the session will be Kendra Young, Talent Development, Onboarding & Colleague Experience at Barclaycard International. The discussion is free to join and is a fantastic opportunity for some of the greatest minds in business to come together and discuss the future of learning in a post-COVID-19 world.

We will once again, be joined by globally recognised L&D expert […]

Wednesday Wisdom video series

OnTrack produces regular videos, to provide ideas and assist our clients with challenges they may be facing, or just a different viewpoint. These videos are free to share with your people as you see fit. This series will continue, on a regular basis, similar to our Monday Motivation series, however, if you require specific help and advice on any of the topics discussed, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like OnTrack to brand the […]

Act, don’t detract – #keepingOnTrack

Don’t let disappointment lead to apathy, look for and act upon ideas for improvement. As we say in OnTrack; become better and better all the time. Become a positive voice and a driving force to improve, achieve and develop.

If you enjoyed this video, you can view more here; Motivational Monday video series

DRIVE from face to face to digital learning – #keepingOnTrack

Paul Heath discusses the continuing move towards virtual learning solutions and the ability to DRIVE the transformation of Face-to-Face learning experiences into a Virtual one. It is not as simple as changing the method of delivery, and in some cases, it just cannot be replicated.

What makes a great Virtual learning experience? DRIVE, a methodology to create impactful Virtual Learning.

If you need support with DRIVE, or would like further information, then do get in touch. Or you can see other ways […]

Nigel Jeremy joins the Big Conversation

We are delighted to announce globally recognised L&D expert and author, Nigel Jeremy as our guest speaker for the OnTrack Big Conversation sessions happening across the globe over June and July.

Nigel has enjoyed a stellar career across some of the world’s biggest brands including British Airways, Marks and Spencer, HBOS, Vodafone and EasyJet. Each of the roles has firmly established Nigel as a globally recognised expert in helping organisations deliver through people over the last three decades. He is often […]

Confidence in not knowing – #keepingOnTrack

Does the big “I don’t know”, and not being able to answer cause a loss of trust? We should be comfortable in not always having the answers. There is no shame in not knowing which way to go. Be confident, inhale and smile while you respond with “Let’s find out.”

If you enjoyed this video, you can view more here; Motivational Monday video series

Big Conversation | Join the discussion…

For years OnTrack has been a leader on addressing critical topics to the learning industry, such as gender balance, technology advancement, and learning as a strategic business function, pulling regional and global learning leaders from some of the largest and most successful organisations in the world together to discuss and learn from each other. We are currently faced with perhaps one of the most critical events of our time with the global pandemic and resulting restrictions on the movement of […]

Reboarding employees post lockdown – #keepingOnTrack

Ryan Neale, Development Partner at OnTrack shares some considerations organisations should have when it comes to onboarding employees back into your company after returning from lockdown or furlough arrangements. OnTrack has developed a “Reboarding canvas” to help plan for the return to work either remotely, or of course back into a physical office environment.

If you need support with reboarding, or would like further information, then do get in touch.


Our new normal – #keepingOnTrack

Lee Russell, OnTrack Blended Learning Consultant, shares his thoughts on what is normal? Our business Zoom calls while preventing a toddler from eating plasticine. What is the new normal for you? We have an opportunity to grow in the future. #keepingOnTrack

If you need support for you or your people, then do get in touch.


Executive Coaching – #keepingOnTrack

Matt McIntyre, OnTrack Head of Learning, shares his thoughts on leadership as a lonely place and how executive coaching can help. Stress and pressure in a leadership role can be immense. Leaders cannot be expected to have all the answers all the time. It is important to have some you can talk to as a leader, an executive coach can help. Who is supporting you?

If you need coaching support for your executive team, then do get in touch.