What is
Live Learning?

Live Learning is a session taught by a live human being, face-to-face, in real time, online in a virtual learning environment or any other means which requires interaction with an expert.


We offer a wide variety of learning and development courses focused on developing useful skills, behaviours and attitudes that will enhance the performance of individuals, teams and leaders.


Live Learning is highly effective because the quality of our consultants is outstanding. Each one is an expert in their field, carefully selected for their extensive knowledge and experience.


Our learning and development experts are also engaging communicators – their infectious energy ensures every session is not only impactful but inspires lasting behavioural change.

How is it delivered?

Facilitated classroom environment

Virtual Classroom Environment

Coaching & Mentoring

Experiential Event

Why use Live Learning?

Our presenter’s human touch and personal energy make Live Learning sessions, even those delivered in a virtual environment, very engaging experiences.

Live Learning sessions, especially those in a physical room, are very focused. There are none of the distractions which may be present in online learning situations.

Live human touch and personal energy sessions are very interactive – delegates can ask questions easily and tutors can get a feel for how well the audience is responding.

People also learn from others in the room and the group dynamic can make the sessions more enjoyable and rewarding for all.


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