What is a Learning Platform

A learning platform is a software suite that provides easy access to a wide range of courses, programmes and resources. It also enables companies to handle the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of training and learning development with greater efficiency.

It makes sense to choose a learning and development company that creates bespoke learning platforms and content – you can then be sure the two are totally compatible. OnTrack is one of the very few companies with this capability and the only company that combines it with Live Learning.

Chatbot AI

Chatbot AI

Chatbot AI

Next Gen Learning Environment (NGLE)

Chatbot AI

Mobile Learning

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Decision Tree Learning Journeys

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App Development

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Dynamic Learning

Why use a Learning Platform?

A learning platform enables your company to harness the benefits of digital learning and support live learning:


Enables Learning On the Go

Accessible 24/7 so people can study when it best suits them, go at their own pace and refer back to information whenever they want


Resource Efficient

Distance learning means participants and consultants don’t have to travel – saves time and money


Flexibility of Choice

Content can be offered in different formats – text, video, audio, Chatbot AI, Dynamic Learning, games etc


Ease of Use

Easy for administrator to update with new content and resources as well as evaluate employee progress and performance then prepare reports for management

What do you need to know about Learning Platforms?

Continual learning is at the foundation of any thriving business and empowering your employees is imperative to business success. Flexible learning engages and inspires and delivers real behavioural change. Learning platforms help make this happen and provide quality data to help you track and measure your employee’s development.  

Our expert consultant team are relentless in identifying your specific needs and building revolutionary tools that will inspire and engage.

Bespoke Platform

Our pre-developed solution, Symfni, has the capability to establish a user’s training requirements instantly and can generate a customised-learning journey based on their existing role, current skill-set, preferences and goals

Symfni, our pre-developed solution

Do you need more than just an organisation or role dependent “Learning Journey”, users will be able to add any content the wish to a “Learning Playlist” for future reference to completely personalise the learning experience.

Learning Journeys & Playlists

We create tailored Learning Platforms to suit the needs of your business, no matter how big or small. Every organisation is different. The needs of your people will be different. So why settle for a learning content management system designed for the masses, when most of it is redundant to you?

Eliminating Redundancy


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