Transferring face-to-face (F2F) learning to Virtual is nothing new for OnTrack, however the pace at which this has been happening in recent weeks is ever so slightly accelerated in the current climate. Luckily, we have been designing and delivering virtual learning for well over a decade and as such, have a tried and tested methodology, developed by our CEO Kevin Johnson and Head of Learning Matt McIntyre, called DRIVE.

people interacting on a virtual classroom screenIn the continuing move towards virtual learning solutions we identified early on that the ability to DRIVE the transformation of Face-to-Face learning experiences into a Virtual one is not as simple as changing the method of delivery, and in some cases, it just cannot be replicated.

To have the same high impact we have in our Face-to-Face solutions we have researched and tested what makes a great Virtual learning experience. The result is DRIVE, a methodology to create impactful Virtual Learning which we have been deploying with our clients in recent weeks. Here is a quick overview;


What outcomes are we trying to achieve from the learning experience? It is easy to forget that this should include both the skillset and mindset.


What are the requirements from the learner’s perspective to achieve these outcomes? Considered while being mindful of; Appetite, Current level of capability, Device they will be using, Band width, Time zones, Distractors.


When designing follow the “IDEA” structure for each section of content; Intro, Develop, Explore, Apply. OnTrack break down the content into to the core practices or principles and “chunk” into those sections in multiple short sharp learning elements.


In a Virtual Environment engagement is key, so consider blending the experience to keep it engaging and impactful with; Video, Reflection, Chat, White Board, Polling, Break-out rooms, Emoticons, Learning Triggers (IPDF’s) etc.

Paul Heath introduces DRIVE methodology


Consider the population, the purpose of the learning and the outcomes to ensure all the Pre, Peri & Post Learning activities that will transfer value beyond the experience. Peri: During the Learning be sure to include triggers of application, How to use the tools, The purpose and its value to the learner, Relating to the journey beyond the Virtual Classroom.

Considering the transfer from face-to-face into Virtual Learning? Already on the journey and require some help or guidance? Feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.