International Women’s Day

|International Women’s Day

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Parity Please! Join our virtual coffee morning for International Women’s Day


Rosie Bailey – Co-Founder of OnTrack International

On Tuesday 8th March, we hosted a virtual coffee morning where we took action towards global gender parity. By registering using the form on this page, you can view the recorded session. Below you will find more details on the topic…

117. That’s the number of years the World Economic Forum has predicted it will take until global gender parity is achieved. That means at least the next four generations will experience gender inequality across all aspects of working life. But surely it is paramount to economic prosperity and business profitability for the world’s top talent to be attracted, optimised and retained regardless of whether they are male or female? In fact, it has been found from recent survey findings that accelerating women’s development produces higher performing teams and stronger companies. How frustrating then it is to think that just 0.3% of FTSE 250 CEOs are female…

So, why 117 years to go before this is achieved?

We think part of the problem is, we don’t know what small steps we can all take to help women realise their full potential, reinvent the social norms and abolish workplace barriers for our future generations. That’s why as part of International Women’s Day this year and their theme of #pledgeforparity, we are putting gender on the agenda and holding a virtual coffee morning (so no need to leave the comfort of the office!) on Tuesday 8th March at 10am GMT for 45 minutes.

Rosie Bailey, Co-Founder of OnTrack International will be hosting our virtual coffee morning and is pleased to invite along Ria Ingleby, UK Wellness Manager at Vodafone and Liz Codd, Executive Coach and Head of Talent Development at Fidelity Investments to talk about how we should be taking action to achieve gender parity. We’ll also hold a short open discussion where we can all share our experiences and ideas towards our pledge for parity.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a coffee morning without coffee so we’re sending everyone a little something so your cuppa can be on us!

So let’s come together and do our bit for the ‘pledge for parity’. After all, why wait 117 years? The time for gender parity is today!