“The Human Brain is a wonderful thing …it begins to work the day we are born and continues every day of our lives until we stand up to speak.” These were the opening words Rosie used to begin her public speaking and presence sessions that have significantly impacted the ability of senior leaders all over the world.

In 1988, Rosie founded OnTrack International with partner Phil Bailey delivering just one personal development programme.

Over the next 35 years, she ran thousands of development programmes and grew the business to more than 110 consultants worldwide. Perhaps more importantly, she helped thousands of people grow in their careers and lives. To many, she was their spark of joy.

The Spark : Rosie Bailey

Rosie was born on the 24th June 1957, her childhood was sprinkled with family holidays camping in Anglesey. Rosie had pets that resembled teddy bears and endless hours cantering around the garden on her horse that resembled a stick. This was Rosie’s first horse.

Rosie attended St Dominics High School in Stoke on Trent. She loved, and excelled in, Geography, Domestic Science and, of course, Drama. After studying English and Drama at the University of Kent, she became an actor. After a short spell in the theatre, she moved into sales and sales management within several global organisations.

Founding OnTrack

Seeing the potential to help high-performing executives deliver high-impact presentations, she founded OnTrack International, which became a highly regarded learning and development consultancy trusted by some of the world’s most successful organisations.

Throughout her career, Rosie helped everyone from top leaders to those just starting their careers to deliver high-impact presentations, build their brand and utilise their power in all kinds of situations.

Often, she focused on executives who needed to present major, high-level presentations to influential and demanding audiences.

Her passion was helping individuals connect with their audiences and not just ‘give out’ but really ‘get through’ by making a powerful emotional connection.

Alongside being the co-founder and part of OnTrack’s leadership team, Rosie continued to be involved in coaching senior leaders in presentation skills and personal impact. Her clients included Barclays, RBS, HSBC, KPMG, Aviva, Bentley Motors, L’Oreal, and many more.


A passion for people

But more than what Rosie did was how she did it.

Former client Sanna Jordansson remembers her first impression of Rosie. She had “the most amazing energy. Joyous, kind and curious. I genuinely get a spark of joy talking about Rosie, meeting her, and having her deliver for us. She makes me smile.”

She had “an energy and passion for life,” explains OnTrack International CEO Kevin Johnson. “I would feel excited about coming to work. Seeing her in action was the icing on the cake.”

For anyone that met Rosie, it was her passion for people that shone through. Rosie was the first person to be turned to in a moment of crisis or sadness. She always had the right words to say and the appropriate advice to give. She always had time to listen and would be there to give a hug at the first opportunity.

Colleague Ryan Neale remembers how much Rosie cared about you as a person. Kerry Pearmain agrees, “the fact she valued your opinion is what I loved about her.”

Principal Consultant Mary Tillson explains what made Rosie unique. She was a “great listener, and when you demonstrate listening, you are sending a very powerful signal to people that you care.”

Rosie maintained that passion even after more than 30 years in the industry. “Coming out of Covid, when the first client wanted face-to-face delivery, it was Rosie going to deliver it,” remembers Angela Andrews.

Infectious positivity

Rosie’s personality and energy were infectious. Paul Heath described that if “you didn’t think you could be any more positive about something and Rosie walked in, then suddenly you could be. She sparked you to be better.”

As a result of her passion and personality, many within the OnTrack community continue to think about what Rosie would do in certain situations.

Fraser Jones explains, “when faced with challenges, I often think what would Rosie do, how would Rosie approach this. I then think it through and do it.” Mary Tillson agrees that when delivering training, she often thinks, “what would Rosie say here? There is so much I use in my professional life that’s down to Rosie.”

While Rosie had a tremendous impact in her professional life, she didn’t take herself too seriously.

Never forgotten

Demonstrating the impact that Rosie had on people, Kevin Johnson recalls a message from a global leader who has worked with some of the most successful people on the planet, who said of Rosie: “I only engaged with you once, but it is as memorable today as it was the day it happened.”

Mary Tillson puts it concisely, “once met, never forgotten.”

Rosie is deeply missed by her clients, colleagues, friends, and family. But it isn’t just people who will miss her, her horse Otis and Labrador Theo certainly will. As demonstrated by Theo on 27 February 2023. He was about to go for a walk with Rosie’s son Leo but would not leave the driveway.

Theo knew the moment had come for Rosie to take that step, being lovingly comforted by those beside her in this life as those in the next, who had gone before, were ready to welcome her. A peaceful moment for a journey we will all take but conducted with the grace and beauty that only Rosie could.

But her legacy lives on through the thousands of people she helped achieve their full potential.

For those of us who still have things to do in this life and service to give, may we bask in the light and fairy dust of our magical friend, colleague and family member and, just like Rosie; have a little more skip in our step, more pizzazz in our grand entrance and even more love for others in our hearts as we ensure that the Rosie legacy lives on …forever.

Peter Strople once said, “Legacy is not leaving something for people. It’s leaving something in people”, and Rosie certainly has.