OnTrack has been leading strategic team meetings on our clients’ behalf for decades, and over that time we have developed many engaging ways to help senior leadership teams make decisions and plan to:

  • Create and deliver strategies
  • Increase engagement
  • Respond to business challenges
  • Work better as a leadership team
  • Align around strategic cross-team or function projects

Now we use the full functionality of multiple meeting and collaboration tools to achieve the same results. Using breakout rooms, polling around key issues and then exploring those results to find alignment, using virtual whiteboards and chat functions. We have focused on developing those additional skills to facilitate these critical meetings remotely in a manner which has impact and outcomes aligned to the exceptional feedback received in a physical meeting.

We still use our exceptional strategic questioning approaches to enable the conversation to define, understand, innovate and implement great solutions., as they have delivered so many great outcomes in the past.

Of course, there is a preference to use physical meetings to build trust quicker; but when those relationships are built, or circumstances demand this is a credible way to help your facilitated meetings deliver real results. If you would need an external expert facilitator for strategic meetings, contact us now.