For many, the thought of completing Performance Management activities was daunting enough when they were in the same location as their team members. It seems to have been made more daunting by the effects of COVID-19.

At OnTrack, we have identified the seven core factors of performance and share them with you, together with a framework for assessing your team’s performance, wherever they now work from.

The ACHIEVE programme is a series of virtual classroom solutions that allow users to identify the area of performance that requires the most attention, creating precision in performance assessment. The programme topics are;

An Introduction to ACHIEVE (identifying the most impactful factor)
A – assessing Ability
C – assessing Clarity
H – assessing Help
I – assessing Incentives
E – assessing Evaluation
V – assessing Validity
E – assessing Environment

Understanding how each of these factors is impacting on your team members’ performance is one thing, having a high-quality performance conversation based on your assessment is another. We have this covered for you as well with a virtual classroom dedicated to making the 1:1 performance conversation valuable regardless of location.

For more information on improving Performance Management skills of your people, contact us now.