Talent Breakthrough with a Global Telecommunications Company

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Talent Breakthrough with a Global Telecommunications Company

A global telecommunications company enlisted the expertise of OnTrack International to assist in a Talent Breakthrough programme with strong requirements on a return on investment.


The client was keen to elevate some identified talent into Senior Management or Executive positions. Key to the measurement of success was a demonstration of ROI both to the business and a personal return identified by the individuals.


OnTrack created a bespoke solution that could be run on an annual basis for the organisation ensuring a healthy talent pipeline.

The delegates enjoyed the structure of the 6 day event being split over a three month period, and the way each module was structured to cover  four different areas. The core modules were; self-awareness, behavioural, followship and delivering shareholder value which OnTrack supported with 1:1 coaching and the client created an ROI investigation and report.

A strong support network was created within this group enabling delegates to keep in touch and share ideas post programme.

Throughout the programme the delegates were working toward an objective  of  either  achieving  a  cost  saving,  or  generating  revenue, of £20,000.

“I have learnt that this aspect of transformational leadership actively promotes change and challenges the way in which we have always done things.”


Of the clients identified Talent chosen to embark on the programme 41% were promoted. The promotions were a healthy mix of middle managers to senior managers and senior managers to executive.

The client commissioned its own investigation into the saving and/or returns on investment that the programme achieved in the first year and five year benefits. The results were simply staggering. The total return on investment was calculated at 1200%. Delegates were able to identify and successfully implement both saving and revenue projects

The overall saving or revenue target for each delegate was £20,000. On average each delegate returned a figure of over £3.2million which completely eclipsed the target set.

All delegates felt that the main objectives of the programme were fully achieved and that the programme was a thought provoking learning experience giving them more confidence to challenge the norm.

The self-awareness module changed their way of thinking and highlighted alternative management approaches leading to stronger relationships within their teams.

The organisation enjoyed a £105million return on investment which  they reported to OnTrack!

About the Author:

Fraser is responsible for leading the team that promotes OnTrack across the world and achieves trusted advisor status with our current and new clients. He leads our client experience team in the understanding of, connectivity with, and engagement of our clients.