OnTrack’s 12 Days of Christmas… Top tips to make 2016 your most successful year!

||OnTrack’s 12 Days of Christmas… Top tips to make 2016 your most successful year!

OnTrack’s 12 Days of Christmas… Top tips to make 2016 your most successful year!

As we are now in our final couple of weeks of 2015 and the year is coming to a close, we would like to share with you OnTrack’s 12 thoughts to making 2016 your most successful year yet.

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1. Start with the end in mind.
Think about where you want to be at the end of 2016 and what you need to get there over the year. Now is the time to take action, don’t wait!

2. If it does not make you happy let it go.
If something does not make you happy, consumes your thoughts or hijacks your time, regardless if it is a job, a relationship or something else, recognise what it is that is making you unhappy and simply let it go. Make time in 2016 to do what does make you happy, whether it is spending more time with family and friends or starting a new hobby.

3. Learn something new every day.
Take time every day to learn something new to add to your knowledge or develop your skills. It only needs to be small; perhaps you may read a chapter of a book or newspaper. Go on that personal effectiveness course – we promise we’re not just saying that because we’re a Learning & Development company…

4. A tidy work space is a tidy mind.
Declutter and tidy up your work environment. Arrange your workspace and filing system into a clear and logical order, it will keep you organised and save you time…a tidy work environment is a tidy mind!

5. Build Relationships, not Inboxes
Remember email is not the only form of communication! It seems email consumes our day to day life nowadays however simply picking up the phone or arranging a time to talk will result in far stronger, more trusting relationships. It is often a much simpler way to be more effective in communicating.

6. What’s one thing that will make a difference to you?
It’s important to identify one thing that will make a difference to you either personally or to your job role. Ensure you commit to take action today and not tomorrow. Although change can be daunting and many of us don’t like moving away from what we know, it can bring about a positive difference that will make our life easier or more enjoyable.

7. Take time to reflect on your daily successes.
Take time to reflect upon your daily successes and what you are proud of; realise your worth. All too often life rushes by at the speed of light and we forget to take a moment to enjoy the ‘now’

8. Refuel and use your ‘Golden Hours’ wisely.
We would not expect to run a car for hundreds of miles on an empty tank. Look after yourself to maximise your performance and be your most productive self. Simply getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water will enable you to think more clearly. In addition, remember to take your lunch break! So many of us are guilty of working through due to a never ending ‘to do’ list but it will allow you the time to refocus and result in a sharper mind.

9. Make time for other people.
Make it personal, ask people how they are feeling, it’s amazing what you can learn and how the small things you can do can mean the world to others.

10. Surround yourself with Mood Improvers not Mood Hoovers!
Surround yourself with the mood improvers – these are positive thinking people. They set others up for success, they will challenge and support you and their drive, passion and motivation will rub off on you. Remember, success breeds success.

11. Nothing is impossible!
Even the word ‘impossible’ says ‘I’m possible’! Make 2016 the year you reach your goals, go for that promotion and develop your skills and experience.

12. How will you spend your extra day of 2016 (this leap year)?

We all have one extra day in 2016, a full 24 hours; so let’s all make a conscious choice to do something we want to do, not need to do. Make it something new, exciting or different! Make the most out of every opportunity – Carpe Diem!

About the Author:

Julia is one of our Principal Consultants with vast experience across a wide spectrum having worked in a range of blue chip organisations. She has a strong reputation for excellence delivering high return on investment with the individuals and teams, developing potential and talent through business consulting, mentoring and coaching.