Learning and Development Strategy – 7 Tips to Refocus

||Learning and Development Strategy – 7 Tips to Refocus

Learning and Development Strategy – 7 Tips to Refocus

Business strategies, plans, forecasts and budgets for the year ahead are usually at the forefront of our minds in the last couple of months of the current year; with a fresh, determined focus on delivering corporate goals, aligning our vision and achieving objectives for the forth coming year. Many organisations do this exceptionally well, so why is it that some of the strategies are not delivered, targets not met or visions unrealised? It’s crucial to recognise that for any plan or strategy to be successful it must be managed and reviewed to ensure it is meeting expectations.


This is the perfect time to reaffirm the success and direction of our learning and development strategy for the remainder of the year. So, what is it we now need to consider? Here are our 7 suggestions to help assess the success of your L&D strategy this year:

1. Learning and development strategyIs your learning and development strategy aligned to the strategic goals of your business?
2. How engaged are your stakeholders?
3. Is your training needs analysis current and up to date?
4. Do your employees know what development is available to them and how to access it?
5. Does your employee opinion survey link employee engagement to learning and development opportunities?
6. How are you measuring your return on investment and return on expectation?
7. How is the success of your learning and development strategy communicated internally?

We are keen to hear what is important to you and your business this year. Please take just a moment to answer the three below questions:

About the Author:

Julia is one of our Principal Consultants with vast experience across a wide spectrum having worked in a range of blue chip organisations. She has a strong reputation for excellence delivering high return on investment with the individuals and teams, developing potential and talent through business consulting, mentoring and coaching.