We like to think that working at OnTrack International is more than a job. We recently asked a number of our team to tell us about what it is like to ‘work’ here:

Name: Paul Heath

Role: Principal Consultant

Joined OnTrack: 2016

Why do you enjoy working at OnTrack?

Three main reasons:

1.       The variety of high quality client who choose us to work with them

2.      The innovative approaches to the problems we help solve

3.       The quality and calibre of the OnTrack team, which is second to none.

Name: Chris Rainger

Role: Development Partner

Joined OnTrack: 2019

Why do you enjoy working at OnTrack, so far?

Everyone is super friendly and welcoming but driven with passion and purpose. It seems the company actually lives it’s values rather than just referencing them.

Name: Lee Russell

Role: Blended Learning Consultant

Joined OnTrack: 2018

Why do you enjoy working at OnTrack?

Many organisations talk about having a ‘family’ of staff, but OnTrack lives and breathes a family atmosphere every day. Just as in a family, everyone wants the other person to do well and will do anything they can to help – unconditionally. This is refreshing to have and it’s the magic that supports us being the most valued development partner.

Name: Ellie Jeffrey

Role: Digital Design Supervisor

Joined OnTrack: 2014

Why do you enjoy working at OnTrack?

The people who work at OnTrack are all great, coming in to work and seeing friends rather than colleagues, Having jokes and laughs with them while working makes the day go faster and stops feeling like ‘work’ and feels fun.

The trust the leadership team put in you and the faith they have in your skills and abilities is very special – I went from working in logistics to doing digital/graphic/creative design because they developed a skill and interest of mine and then they created a role for me in order to continue my development and be able to do a job I enjoy – not many companies would do that.

It is nice to have a contributing role and to feel a part of the development and progression of OnTrack and its offerings.

Name: Kerry Pearmain

Role: Operations Manager

Joined OnTrack: 2010

Why do you enjoy working at OnTrack?

For me, OnTrack is more than just a job, it’s a business I have grown in and I believe in. OnTrack have supported my life choices, provided flexibility, invested in my personal development and given me the opportunity to grow.

At OnTrack, we work as a close team, supporting each other through challenges, helping each other to reach goals and celebrating our successes together. It’s fantastic to be able to work for a global organisation with such a ‘family feel’, reflected in one of our Values; ‘One Team, One Family’.

As well as a great, positive working environment, OnTrack have many excellent employee benefits including Birthday Holidays, where OnTrack gives every employee their Birthday off work, a really thoughtful benefit which makes me feel valued as a person, not just an employee. Another outstanding benefit are Paid Charity Days, where OnTrack employees can volunteer up to 2 days per year for a charity or cause of our choice. I feel is an ‘above and beyond’ benefit, enabling us to contribute our time to causes close to our hearts and give back to the community, which feels very rewarding.

I am proud to work for such a great organisation.

Name: Matt McIntyre

Role: Head of Learning

Joined OnTrack: 2000

Why do you enjoy working at OnTrack?

For me there are some clear factors why I love working here; the variety of work/projects that we get involved in – it’s rarely the same thing twice, the passion everyone has for what we do, the opportunity to actually make a significant difference in people’s lives, and most importantly the people I work with are amazing – we are like one big family.

Name: Rob Alp

Role: Development Partner

Joined OnTrack: 2017, for the second tour!

Why do you enjoy working at OnTrack?

Great family environment, fantastic experienced consultants, facilitators & coaches, great clients and really exciting developments in digital learning.

Name: Angela Andrews

Role: Head of Business Services

Joined OnTrack: 2002

Why do you enjoy working at OnTrack?

The family feel is amazing – we have a great team of people that I am happy to spend my working week with. I love the mixture of the projects we work on and the amazing contacts we have around the world.


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