Can Taking A Break Make All The Difference?

||Can Taking A Break Make All The Difference?

Can Taking A Break Make All The Difference?

Are you a hard worker who has plenty of work to be doing and are far too busy to take a short break, just for a reason that you may become overwhelmed with the amount of work? Then we have news for you, taking a short break away from your work has its own benefits and can help increase your productivity.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider taking breaks during the working day.

Goal Re-Evaluation

Non-stop working can cause you to overthink your own work, meaning you might be questioning if the work you have completed is to the best of your ability. Which is where taking a 5-minute break away from your work/desk can help you re-evaluate what the end goal is, and then you’ll be able to feel confident in the work you have produced.


Working all the time can cause your brain to lose focus. As humans, we can only concentrate on one task for a short amount of time before getting bored and wanting to move on. If you were to take a break from your work/desk this would stop the boredom from setting in and you’ll be able to refocus on your work to make sure you

Injury Reduction

If your job is more physical, then your body will need to have more breaks throughout the day, this will be due to the fact our bodies can only take a certain amount of strenuous activity in a set amount of time. Taking a break from physical activity means your body can recover and be ready to go again which in turn will result in less injuries and increase motivation.

Prevention of Eye Strain

A lot of jobs are now based on a PC or laptop so everyone is staring at their monitors more and more, which in turn can eventually affect your eyes. Taking a break away from your screen can help your eyes from straining to see the words. Your break should consist of no screens at all (so no phones!) so you could either make yourself a drink or take yourself away from your desk.

Mental Wellbeing

In some working areas, the stress level of employees is very high, this could be due to the amount of work each employee has or simply the pressure they are under to get jobs completed. But stress can cause you to not produce work to the best of your ability, , which is why we recommend providing employees with time away from their desks, so you can relax and decide how you will progress with your work in order to get the job done. This way production levels will be higher as you will be more motivated.

Self-Leadership & Personal Effectiveness

In order to achieve both our short- and long-term goals, it is vital that we lead ourselves effectively. Whatever we are dealing with, whether that be heavy workloads, challenging projects or clients, or even distractions away from work, taking leadership of your own self and will help ensure success.

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