Global learning consultancy OnTrack International has been ranked as one of the world’s leading providers of leadership development, for the fourth consecutive year, by the US learning portal Training Industry.

As a service to buyers of leadership development, Training Industry continually monitors the global learning marketplace and it conducts an annual, independent analysis of hundreds of leadership training providers. It then publishes a Leadership Training Watch List to recognise those companies which have significant capabilities, experience and expertise.

OnTrack International was chosen again as a Watch List company because of its thought leadership and influence on the leadership training sector; the breadth and quality of its programmes and the audiences served; its growth potential; its industry recognition and innovation; the strength of its client base and its geographic reach. Of the 20 companies on the 2018 Leadership Training Watch List, OnTrack is one of the few providers with a head office in the United Kingdom.

“Leadership training remains one of the most closely watched, and one of the most competitive, sectors of the training industry,” said Ken Taylor, President of Training Industry Inc. “The companies selected for the 2018 list have demonstrated tremendous growth through the development of digitised content and online platforms, while maintaining focus on core leadership training practices.”

Lea Johnson, Market Research Manager at Training Industry Inc, said: “This year’s Leadership Training Companies Watch List showcases a wide variety of emerging and repeat organisations that are making a significant impact in the leadership training segment. We look forward to seeing these companies continue to evolve as leadership training expectations shift toward digital learning.”

OnTrack International works with many of the world’s most successful employers. Its blended approach combines instructor-led training, digital learning content and online learning portals.

Kevin Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of OnTrack International, said: “It’s a great honour to be awarded this prestigious accolade for the fourth year running. It’s a testimony to the hard work of our team, the commitment of our clients and the investment we’ve made in developing digital learning assets. These are revolutionising the provision of leadership development because they enable personalised learning experiences to be created for every leader, based on the needs of their business, the challenges they face in their role and their personal preferences. Our philosophy is to add value by delivering innovative, engaging and effective learning and our clients see evidence of this in improved business performance.”

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