OnTrack International have once again been recognised for their global learning and development consultancy, having been named on the Training companies watch list for fifth year running!

Training Industry continually monitors the global learning marketplace and it conducts an annual, independent analysis of hundreds of leadership training providers. It then publishes a Leadership Training Watch List to recognise those companies which have significant capabilities, experience and expertise.

OnTrack International was chosen again in 2019 as a Watch List company because of its innovative service offerings, unique approach to leadership development, commitment to thought leadership and the quality of its client base.

Our learning and development strategies are based on real life situations that can then be transferred to a corporate workplace environment. When we take things to the Formula 1 race-track, we can learn a valuable lesson from World Champions Lewis Hamilton and his teammates at Mercedes.

  1. Technologies change, your approach to things that have worked in the past may not now be relevant.
  2. Learn to adapt to any situation, change your style of working to suit.
  3. There really is no I in TEAM! Utilise your colleagues, help them out too, with a collaborative approach to your business you can achieve much more!

A great example of this was on show on 23rd June 2019 at the French Grand Prix, where Hamilton’s former team, McLaren, saw a fantastic improvement in their race results.

McLaren have had a bad run previously, however, with changes to leadership, new improvements to the car and fantastic teamwork, this has all changed.

Carlos Sainz had commented after the race about how the team were working together to manage the tyres by providing him with lap times that allowed him to maintain a controlled pace and control the race.

Without the lap times being achievable and calculated, Sainz would have had great difficulty maintaining his starting position of 6th throughout the race. This is a great example where working as a team to manage realistic expectations means that success is possible.

However, Lando Norris, who was also racing for McLaren was to see technical issues around 20 laps from the finish that would cost him a lot of time and see him drop significantly in position. Norris started ahead of Sainz in 5th position, but by the end of the race Noris was in 10th.

Despite the technical difficulties encountered by Norris, he praised the team for having worked together so well and still producing great results and thanking the guys at the factory for giving them both a quicker car. His and the team efforts were rewarded with Lando being voted as driver of the day.

The team at the factory that work on the cars have recently made several improvements that has helped to ensure that the car is now much faster than it was previously, as well as increasing its dependability.

The team have managed to work together to show how utilising new technology is really helping to shape the course of McLarens’ success both on the track during races and in practices so that the drivers can get a good feel for how the cars behave and respond to them.

In addition to new technology and a team that is working together better than ever before, Andreas Seidl, the newly appointed team principle for McLaren said:

“Congratulations to our entire team, at the track and back home in Woking, plus of course the drivers. It’s been our best weekend of the season and it was encouraging to see our car performing well from the first practise session until the end of the race”

Proving once again how F1 is more than just fast cars and pole positions. Andreas knows the importance of teamwork and how the work that the team does both on and off the track contributes to their success.

He continued to say:

“This gives us good momentum to keep pushing flat out as the pendulum of performance swings between teams from circuit to circuit.”

A fantastic comment that puts into perspective how important it is to be able to adapt and overcome difficulties because no matter what, there may always be a few bumps in the road ahead that are unavoidable.

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