MyKindaFuture and OnTrack International are hosting an interactive, digital roundtable to share the work of the new Government taskforce.

This is an opportunity to give your firm ‘a voice’, explore the support needed, and outline actions to be taken by businesses to ensure all talent is maximised and there is equal opportunity for all to progress in their career – regardless of their background.

  • Almost 9 in 10 senior roles within financial services are held by people from higher socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Those from lower socio-economic take 25% longer to progress, despite no evidence of poorer performance.
  • For those who identify as Black, this gap increases to 32%.

You will hear from one of the taskforce Delivery Partners, Simon Reichwald, and keynote speaker Louise Watkins, Head of EMEA Enterprise Risk, BlackRock, who is also part of the taskforce. They will share their work and the actions being taken by their firm so far to champion socio-economic diversity.

The key themes of the roundtable will explore:

  • Why socio-economic diversity at senior level matters – a business case or a morale case?
  • The existing barriers to the progression and development of employees from underrepresented groups
  • What firms both are doing and can do now to start addressing these barriers
  • The role of the taskforce in place to lead this change
  • Practical steps for your organisation to get involved, regardless of where on your journey you are

Attendees will join breakout discussions alongside industry peers & our speakers

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