Sales Management with a Global Bank

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Sales Management with a Global Bank

The purpose of the project was to develop the sales management focus in the competitive world of modern banking. The ability to actual lead a team of professionals in a manner that actually liberates their performance potential and maintains that positive, involving climate at that same time has been the challenge thrown down to management teams since the beginning of time.

Client Challenge

How do you get the results necessary to satisfy the stakeholders and the atmosphere that encourages the team members? Taking that one step further, how can we not just satisfy but actually see dynamic personal and organisational growth?

The gauntlet had been thrown down and the challenge was on. Peters and Waterman said “better people make a better company”. Quoting Dr. Stephen Covey “The way to develop better people is to help them do develop good habits”. Ability is made up of three elements – Skills, Knowledge and Attitude. We needed a way to satisfy all three in a way that could have impact not just on the people but also on the bottom line!

“Better people make a better company”. Peters and Waterman

Our Solution

We used three tried and tested approaches, brought together, to satisfy each element of the challenge. Of course there was a diagnostic tool to help the manager/team leader to assess how he was stimulating the success of the individuals in his. Added to this were two approaches which have linked together many times before.

As the tool to help develop the right attitude we used Values Driven Leadership. For too long the guru’s have told us that we need value, vision and mission statements on the wall but never really how to allow them in to the hearts and minds of our people. OnTrack’s simple and highly effective approach enables this to happen in a manner that is often “life changing” as quoted from many delegates.

Second, Behaviour Analysis – the 14 verbal behaviour characteristics that are so tangible as to allow individuals measurable improvement in their communication to provide them with the courage and capability to influence positively in any situation.

OnTrack Measured Results

What a combination – and what a result. In three months every manager and team leader in Small Business Banking had been through the experience and the difference dramatic.

We have greatly enjoyed the experience of working hand in hand with the excellent training team at this global Bank and running the workshops in partnership, the client and an OnTrack trainer creating a synergy that hit the mark….every time.

Yes, we are realistic. Has the course alone inspired development in individuals and the bank? No, but it has provided them with the skills to liberate their own potential’s to new heights and satisfaction at work and in life.

About the Author:

Kevin has over 18 years experience in training and development and has worked on a range of exciting projects for OnTrack’s global clients. Kevin has a highly stimulating and challenging yet sensitive style, which enables him to quickly establish trust and credibility. This, together with an ability to empower others, ensures the creation of a positive learning experience. Kevin’s main focus is to work with the senior leaders to help them achieve their strategy through developing the appropriate skills in their people.