Recruit, develop, retain

||Recruit, develop, retain

Recruit, develop, retain

Recruit, develop and retain is a simple mantra and something that all HRD recruitprofessionals and people managers are passionate about – so why is it that recent research conducted by the CIPD shows that 25% of UK employees don’t receive adequate support with their personal development?  The same survey showed a drop in overall job satisfaction and an increase in the number of employees seeking alternative roles – all very costly to a business.  It could be argued and we cannot ignore the fact that the uncertainty caused by the recent referendum in the UK and the Presidential elections in the US have contributed to a feeling of cautiousness and subsequently the tightening of development budgets, however personal development doesn’t have to be about obtaining sometimes expensive professional qualifications.

So if you’re looking to get a great return on your investment and still want to develop and retain your employees, here’s how many of the UKs companies are investing their development budgets…

  1. Delivering shorter, more focused ‘power learning’ events – these are a powerful way of maximising time away from the day job and can even be delivered in a virtual environment – supporting the home working population.
  2. Investing in more digitally focussed solutions – in the day of the ‘You Tube’ approach to learning, short skill builder videos are the perfect way to develop your teams at their own pace and in their own space.
  3. Coaching – no longer seen as the development reserved for the senior management elite – more and more people managers are developing their employees by informal coaching and coaching on the job – this even happens at the coffee or water machine just by through the use of one or two simple yet powerful coaching question being dropped into the conversation.

In these uncertain economic and political times, think about how you can still develop and retain your employees without breaking the bank.

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