Women OnTrack: Female Development Programme – Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling

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Women OnTrack: Female Development Programme – Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling

Attitudes might be changing, but lip service to diversity is still depressingly common. Women with aspirations to move into top jobs continue to hit up against the glass ceiling, denied the opportunity to succeed. The old boys’ club is very much alive and well. Breaking Through Glass Barriers - Women OnTrack

But for some companies, a new culture is taking root, more than just tokenism.

The Challenge

In 2017 OnTrack International were approached by a European Financial Services client to design and deliver a talent development programme as part of their diversity agenda, aimed at levelling the playing field. Their target of 35% female board appointments by 2019 was ambitious and way beyond the various targets set by European governments.

Operating a network of branches across Central and Eastern Europe they were conscious of the need to manage diverse expectations of female staff in different regions. Women working in Eastern European countries were characterised by a real confidence and belief they could move up to board level. Not so in Central Europe, where this expectation was quite the reverse.

Our Client already had an established Women’s Network with two clear developmental priorities:

  1. to help prepare women both physically and mentally – being more professional
  2. to develop a strategic network – ‘constructive politicking’.

The Solution: Female Development Programme

Building from this base, we created a blended development journey focused on these key areas:

  • Creating a powerful personal brand
  • Networking and stakeholder management
  • Influencing others and negotiating with success
  • Becoming an effective leader
  • Career enhancement.

The Outcome

The first programme was a great success. Cohort one has emerged, not just with new skills, but with real self-belief, and plans are already in place for a second group to start their development journey this year.

Feedback has been extremely positive:

“The topics chosen are a big part of the success of the course, but the participants chosen played a very important role since the ideas exchanged during the course were at least as useful as the information taught.”

“The networking events were absolutely great, because were inspirational, insightful and pleasant.”

The opportunity to actually been given dedicated time, space and the guidance of a great team to facilitate our learning was invaluable in itself. The training encourages women in the professional world to reflect on the notions of leadership, where you are now and where you want to be and equips you with good theory and tools to continue the journey and be deliberate about it. An excellent idea and training.”

For more information on our Female Development Programme please get in touch with one of Development Partners today.

About the Author:

Rob has almost 40 years of business and client relationship management experience. He remains as passionate today about providing the highest levels of support and service as he did when he first stepped through the doors of Barclays Bank back in 1979! Rob held a number of leadership roles within business banking to pursue his growing interest in people development. He is hugely popular with many of our global clients across a broad range of industries.