5 Ways To Improve Yourself in 2015

||5 Ways To Improve Yourself in 2015

5 Ways To Improve Yourself in 2015

Although we are now a couple of weeks into the New Year, it isn’t too late to decide on how you can improve yourself this year, both in a professional and personal sense. We don’t recommend you rely on “New Year’s Resolutions”, but instead have put together 5 points to focus on during 2015:

1. Set Goals: Take time to think and dream. The clearer you can see what you want in your mind, the more engaged you will be to achieve that vision. Start with the bigger picture and long term aspiration and work back. The better you build and construct this first in your mind and then as a written plan, the more achievable it will become.

2. Time management: Wouldn’t it be great if 2015 brought you extra time – more hours each day! Maybe we should think more about task management rather than time! When our time is focused on tasks which propel us nearer to our goals, we get a greater sense of accomplishment – we are more energised by this greater sense of achievement. Each day should include what we call KeyTime™ – at least 45 minutes to think and plan short medium and longer term goals, determine the tasks to achieve these, grade them high medium and low priority and then focus on these.

3. Personal development: As the saying goes, nobody’s perfect and we all can learn something new. When we are learning new things we acquire a sense of personal growth. Plan to learn something new every day and align your learning with your goals. Learn from others by asking questions, learn from reading, learn from doing and experimenting, learn by attending training programmes.

4. Working better with colleagues: Getting along with our colleagues is better for our health, wealth and happiness. Being a good team player also means you achieve more through the cooperation of others, getting people working with you rather than against you. Make a resolution to build positive relationships with your colleagues. In particular, select a colleague who you don’t get on with as well as you should. Make a conscious effort to build the relationship with that person. Use the law of reciprocity – do something good for that person and offer to help them.

5. Get organised: Take some time to go through your files and see what you can get rid of. Work from a clear desk – clutter adds stress. Start fresh in 2015 with a clean desk and a clear purpose to be better than ever.

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