New Global Manufacturing Client – Verbal Behavioural Intelligence

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New Global Manufacturing Client – Verbal Behavioural Intelligence

OnTrack were approached by a global manufacturing client to improve capability & confidence of 30 managers across the world. 

This client has been established for over 200 years, employing 19,000 staff in 50 countries and is recognised as a global leader in their field. They have moved to a centralised model for all core functions and exceptional Business Partnering is essential.

They initially approached us to support them in building the capability and confidence of managers to work and collaborate more effectively together across the business to drive increased business performance.

Earlier this year a 2-day pilot workshop was delivered attended by 30 managers from across the Globe. As part of the workshop managers were introduced to VBI, Verbal Behavioural Intelligence.

What is VBI?

Verbal Behavioural Intelligence is a practical analytical diagnostic tool which allows the capture of 14 verbal behaviours demonstrated by individuals within meetings/discussions. This tool enables us to provide our clients with tangible objective feedback about demonstrated behaviours. The feedback is based on fact, not opinion. It is a really practical coaching tool and a tangible way of measuring the level of trust and engagement within interactions.

This information is then used to plot an individual against behavioural benchmarks, which have been established during extensive research, which has continued over 30 years. By observing and capturing behaviours over several activities and discussions, we can see emerging communication habits, which can be analysed by the trends displayed. This data is analysed at a group and individual level against benchmarks of what effective communicators do. VBI gives an individual and a team an opportunity to consider which behaviours need to be increased or reduced to help maximise their personal impact and ability to influence and be listened to.

The workshop was a great success and we have now been asked to deliver the programme to managers based in China, India, USA, Mexico as well as further workshops here in the UK. 

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About the Author:

Fraser is responsible for leading the team that promotes OnTrack across the world and achieves trusted advisor status with our current and new clients. He leads our client experience team in the understanding of, connectivity with, and engagement of our clients.