Accredited Interviewing Skills for global banking client

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Accredited Interviewing Skills for global banking client

Overview of Accredited Interviewing Skills

OnTrack International delivered accredited interviewing skills which helped this international banking and financial services company achieve a 600% increase in high performing employees, reduce absence days by 19%, decrease staff turnover by 10% and achieve a combined saving of over £110million.

Clients Challenge

This global banking client raised concerns about levels of attrition and engagement following exit interviews and staff surveys. Queries were raised about the existing selection and induction process. The client required a more formal approach to bringing people on board and ensuring they hit the ground running.

How we helped

Louisa 070OnTrack conducted an assessment of the existing format to identify how the client should improve its selection and induction process. Working closely with the client and an external accreditor, OnTrack International developed a highly practical, accredited two day workshop to address the issues. This enabled all managers who have an involvement in interviewing to be aware of the problems and the cost to the company. It gave them the skills to interview and select the right people. It helped them develop a structured approach to welcoming new recruits and ensure they have the best possible induction.

It was essential that interviewers had the right skills and abilities to make effective selection and assessment decisions. By getting the match between candidate and job correct the client would see the people they hire;

• doing a job that motivates them
• want to stay in the job.
• doing the job they expected to do
• doing the job they want to
• doing a job that matches their skills, abilities and experiences

Upon request from the client OnTrack ensured the solution was Externally Accredited.

OnTrack Measured Results

Over 10,000 managers were accredited in the OnTrack International Interviewing Skills solution. The client witnessed results very quickly after implementation and reaped the rewards long after. The global bank in question measured the results of this solution and the figures are astounding;

• 19% decrease in absence days
• Decrease in departmental staff turnover between 10% to 45%
• 600% increase in high-performing employees
• Resulting in a combined saving of £110million

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