Carnival UK share their experience of working with OnTrack

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Carnival UK share their experience of working with OnTrack

Testimonial: Carnival UK

Discover how we have been working with cruise ship company Carnival in the UK to support their learning & development programmes:

We have worked with OnTrack International for a number of years, delivering a wide variety of learning and development opportunities for our people at Carnival UK, covering topics such as Management and Leadership Development, Presenting with Impact and more recently our Talent Development programme, Springboard.

We work with OnTrack to design and deliver half-day or full-day workshops as part of our suite of Learning Academy Advance programmes for first-line managers. OnTrack has a wealth of knowledge in this area and feedback is always really positive from our people who attend. We can always rely on them to help us develop engaging learning programmes which inspire our people to maximise their potential.

As a Learning and Development team, we recently launched the shore side Learning Academy to showcase the wide variety of learning opportunities available to our people at Carnival House. This included a new Learning Guide for all employees and a social learning platform, ‘The Cove.’

At Carnival UK, we recognise that people learn in different ways and so the event highlighted the various different opportunities, resources and programmes available to people, enabling them to tailor their learning to their individual needs. The interactive event was designed to engage and inspire our people to take control of their own development and we were delighted that OnTrack kindly supported us!

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