Without a strong focus on employee culture and values, companies continually struggle to successfully deliver their vision. At OnTrack International, when it comes to culture, we believe that it is important to embody the values which we encourage our customers to adopt.

We surveyed our team to showcase how the right blend of leadership, people and culture can drive a successful business forward.


“The trust the leadership team put in you and the faith they have in your skills and abilities is very special –  I went from working in logistics to doing digital/graphic/creative design because they developed a skill and interest of mine and then they created a role for me in order to continue my development and be able to do a job I enjoy – not many companies would do that”

Ellie Jeffrey – Digital Design Supervisor


In simple terms, at OnTrack we deliver bespoke learning and development programmes for the world’s most successful companies. By enhancing the performance of a business’ people, we help deliver business goals. As a people-focused company it is important to live the values we teach and ensure these values are delivered throughout the OnTrack work culture.


“Super friendly and welcoming but driven with passion and purpose. It seems the company actually lives its values rather than just referencing them”

Chris Rainger – Dedicated Development Partner


Happy working environment | OnTrack International

By listening to your employees and getting a real insight into what makes them tick, you can create a working environment that they ultimately want to get up for and come into.

You want your employees to be excited to come to work, because logically a happy employee is more likely to be a productive employee.

Alan Trefler of Pegasystems actively encourages employee engagement; he wants to hear his employees’ opinions and act on them. Our employees are the people that live and breathe the business. By ensuring you are listening to their opinions on what they think could be improved, what works well could lead to the success or failure of your company in the long run. So whether you are running Gallup12 or Employee Net Promoter Score surveys or not, take time to listen to your employees.


“It is nice to have a contributing role and feel a part of the development and progression of OnTrack”

Ellie Jeffrey – Digital Design Supervisor


Listening to employees | OnTrack International

Listening to your employees may seem like a no-brainer but when you take a deeper look, this is still an issue that creates a real problem within the work environment.

OnTrack deeply encourages companies to listen to their employees in their training programmes, it is a core fundamental of ensuring your company strategy is a success. A professional poll asked 675 workers what was their biggest problem in the work place with a whopping 64% answering “leaders making decisions without seeking input”.


 ‘Many organisations talk about having a ‘family’ of staff, but OnTrack lives and breathes a family atmosphere every day. Just as in a family, everyone wants the other person to do well and will do anything they can to help – unconditionally. This is refreshing to have and it’s the magic that supports us being the most valued development partner.’

Lee Russell – Blended Learning Consultant – OnTrack

How we can help

For many organisations, developing highly successful teams can be a tricky task. Simply putting talented individuals together does not always deliver the best results. Our unique team management training courses help to reinvigorate under-performing teams, empower them to go further and optimise their performance.

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