Thinking Dimensions Announces Solve IT, an Innovative New Incident Management App Available Through ServiceNow

||Thinking Dimensions Announces Solve IT, an Innovative New Incident Management App Available Through ServiceNow

Thinking Dimensions Announces Solve IT, an Innovative New Incident Management App Available Through ServiceNow

Solve IT slashes the time it takes users to frame, address and solve service desk problems and incidents!

Thinking Dimensions Global (TDG) has announced the launch of Solve IT, an exciting new Incident and Problem application available exclusively through the ServiceNow Store.

The Solve IT app is designed to address the needs of incident managers, problem managers, and service desk personnel, and gives them an exciting new approach for solving incidents quickly, accurately and permanently.

Matt Fourie, Chairman of Thinking Dimensions Global commented, “We developed Solve IT because we saw a real need for faster, more accurate-incident and problem solving in today’s organisations. There is nothing like it on the market today. From our experience, incidents get restored within minutes and even very complex problems are solved much more quickly (usually within hours) when our process is activated. Our goal is that organisations will put Solve IT to work saving time, resources and costs across teams and departments.”

This innovative app employs Thinking Dimensions’ proprietary TOYF (Thinking On Your Feet) and INTUITIVE methodology to swiftly and accurately identify the “right” problems along the IT service chain, thus preventing wild goose chases, scattershot approaches and wasted or replicated effort.

Solve IT’s proven, structured problem identification methods allow users to swiftly and accurately identify and mitigate all types of IT incidents and problems, from simple to complex, minor to major.

Users simply download Solve IT from ServiceNow’s app marketplace, install it on their servers, choose preferences (manual operation or automatic trigger) and they are ready to get started. When incidents occur, Solve IT guides users through a systematic information gathering exercise using a series of questions and assumptions, helping them narrow down and effectively come to the correct restoration, technical or root cause of every problem.

For a limited time, TDG is offering a specially-priced introductory coaching session including training, set-up and support with an in-house Solve IT expert. Click here for more information.

About ServiceNow

ServiceNow (NYSE:NOW), the enterprise cloud company, is changing the way people work. With a service-orientation toward the activities, tasks and processes that make up day-to-day work life, ServiceNow helps the modern enterprise to operate faster and be more scalable than ever before. Customers use this service model to define, structure and automate the flow of work, removing dependencies on email and spreadsheets to transform the delivery and management or services for the enterprise. ServiceNow provides service management for every department in the enterprise including IT, human resources, facilities, field service and more. ServiceNow delivers a ‘lights-out, light-speed’ experience through their enterprise cloud – built to manage everything as a service. To find out how, visit To experience ServiceNow’s new app marketplace, click here.

About Thinking Dimensions Global – Profit from Clarity

Thinking Dimensions Global (TDG) is an international professional services firm renowned for its KEPNERandFOURIE™ Problem Solving and Decision Making processes, first pioneered by Chuck Kepner and later refined with Mat-thys Fourie.

TDG creates, manages and transfers its KEPNERandFOURIE™ methodologies and IP to a multinational professional services and advisory network. TDG is designed to ensure a standard and high quality client delivery through a common set of processes and values worldwide.

TDG partners with clients to deliver EBITDA impact to their bottom-line and is organised around three global practices delivered by certified Partner, Associate and Certified Training Affiliates.

  • Continual Service Improvement for IT (ITCSI)
  • Industrial Problem Solving (IPS)
  • Strategy

Today, the KEPNERandFOURIE™ problem solving process is used by organisations worldwide, and this methodology is the foundation for the Solve IT app. For more information, please visit the TDG website here.

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