On the 11th April our CEO Kevin Johnson was invited to speak at the global conference for the International Federation of Training and Development Organisations and Society for Human Resource Management in Oman. In front of an international audience of around 400, and the Sultan of Oman, Kevin shared his thoughts on The Future of Learning.

“For many years we have been trying to encourage individuals and managers to take more responsibility for development, but with sporadic results. With the new digital era which allows us to provide relevant just in time learning assets that are available to managers to use to help develop their team members and algorithm driven valuable content we can achieve this goal”.

Kevin went on to say  “for our nations to thrive we need every individual contributor, manager and leader being better tomorrow than they are today, and we have the ability to  provide them with the tools to achieve this”.

As Kevin continues to lead OnTracks pioneering work in cost effective media production and “learning driven” platform design, the momentum continues to accelerate towards an exciting future that will transform the learning world to a place never before realised.