Business CUltureEvery business wants employees that are engaged and inspired by their company and job. People that feel fulfilled are dedicated and it shows in their customer service. If your business has a dull or uninterested culture to it, customers are going to pick up on it and go elsewhere. How do you inspire your employees? Let’s look at some tips to help you develop an amazing business culture that inspires your people to do their jobs well.

1. Focus on Leadership that Inspires

Do you practice what you preach? If you’re not inspirational, you need to learn to be. Your people look to you for guidance. As a leader, your attitude sets the stage of the workplace mood. You should set an example of commitment and display a positive attitude. Don’t expect others to act or feel inspired unless you can do the same.

2. Praise and recognise achievement

In order for people to feel inspired, they have to feel like their work makes a difference. Let your employees know when they’ve done a great job on a task. This feedback helps them to feel content and appreciated. That doesn’t mean you should never correct someone when they make a mistake, however the key to providing feedback is to be tactful. Provide feedback in a constructive, not destructive way. Let the employee know their error and focus on providing improvement-based instructions. If you coach them so that you focus on personal improvement, they’ll be motivated to live up to your expectations of them because of the individual attention you displayed.

3. Give employees a chance to give Feedback

Employees need to understand that they have a voice as well. If you listen to what they say, your people will feel like they’re appreciated and their opinions are valued by the company. Set up your business culture so that employees can speak up and voice their thoughts at any time—not just during conferences or group discussions. This will make employees feel like they are a part of a team, rather than subject to a dictator’s whims.

4. Challenge your people

Do your employees do work that challenges them? If not, they’re probably bored and look forward to just “getting through” each work day. Bored people don’t innovate or try new things. Challenge your employees to ensure they have a healthy amount of struggle and can adapt to change. This will enhance their creativity and provide a sense of accomplishment when they complete a difficult task. Try and personalise these challenges if you can and tailor them to an individual’s skills. Giving personalised tasks to your employees shows them that you value each of them as individuals, rather than numbers in a spreadsheet.

Promote dynamic, positive change in your business so that employees feel inspired. Think out of the box and try to encourage an open culture in your workplace. This strategy will provide tangible benefits to both business and employees. If you need any help improving your business culture or inspiration, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. We’d be happy to assist you.