As 2020 has, for most businesses, changed the way we operate, those looking to train their teams are currently having to switch quickly to some form of remote learning solution.  The speed with which this is having to be done is rapid but too often the long-term result is not being considered over the short-term gain.

eLearning has crept into many more businesses, by necessity, but simply turning everything to pure eLearning is by no means the only solution for remote or distance learning.  eLearning definitely has its role. For some topics it is much more beneficial. Complicated topics can be delivered consistently and accurately, learners can study at their own pace through materials providing learner flexibility. eLearning can also be ‘point of need’ as a learner can ‘dip’ back in to refresh their understanding depending on how it is constructed.

eLearning should not be about reading through endless pages of text but be interactive as well as informative.  If possible, it should be fun, engaging and memorable for the right reasons, and there are many ways this can be achieved through a variety of remotely offered learning solutions.

Equally, even if it seems necessary at this moment in time, it should not be about simply turning your current face to face course into an eLearning solution. Step back and take this opportunity to consider how the topic can be delivered better, consistently, creatively and with more positive results than you ever gained from the pure face to face course.  

There are still benefits of trainer led delivery as part of learning is not just about the topic but learning from one another, finding our what others do, seeing it from different perspectives and virtual classrooms and face to face delivery provide protected time and an opportunity to share ideas. 

However, do you have an opportunity to blend a short but engaging piece of eLearning for knowledge transfer, with a dedicated and impactful practical application face to face session, a virtual classroom to wrap up a self-study piece and finish with an online knowledge quiz to check understanding or gain a qualification.

A great blended course considers first and foremost, the learner’s journey by accounting for learning styles and learners needs, it provides the right solution for the topic, delivered in the most effective and impactful way.  Using a blended learning approach ensures the learner retains the knowledge over a longer period of time hence providing a real and tangible long-term benefit for your business.

At OnTrack this is something we specialise in, making sure that the blended solution provides you with what you need here and now, imparts the right information, in the right solution or format to give you the best value and long lasting result, but most of all considers the learners learning journey.