Winning Wimbledon: Developing an Enabling Mindset

||Winning Wimbledon: Developing an Enabling Mindset

Winning Wimbledon: Developing an Enabling Mindset

It is the Wimbledon final this coming Sunday and it will be the players mind set that will be the differencing factor which will determine who wins and who loses. Getting in a winning mind set is what the 1% of the world’s population who optimise their potential have learned to do. These are the ones, wherever they come from be it sport, business, government or whatever, who learn to manage their mind state so they stay in a mentally strong zone that helps them to deliver the resources they need to succeed.

Although everyone is different, we all share the common goal to succeed. Only a few do ever achieve their full potential. Whoever plays in the final at Wimbledon on Sunday will be amongst this elite group.

Top tennis professionals like Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic put great emphasis on psychological preparation. They live the game before they start. They think about the opponent and how they will address their style of play. In a similar way, good managers think about the situations they have to address before they start. They think about the person they need to interact with and the best way to engage and encourage that person to achieve a successful outcome. Here at OnTrack we have six steps to help you get and stay in an enabled mind set:

Step One – THINK: Try to visualise an outcome before you start. The quality of the vision in your mind will determine the results you achieve. Imagine a successful outcome and how you will look and feel at the point of success.

Step Two – INTERNAL DIALOGUE: Build your positive self-belief and give yourself positive affirmation. Think about times when you have done what you plan to do. ‘I am a good manager’ ‘I am a great sales person’ – think about the situations which have gone well. Repeat the statements to firmly embed.

Step Three – EXTERNAL DIALOGUE: This time think about when people have given you deserved praise and repeat what they might have said – ‘I like the way you handled that situation’ or ‘you are a great sales person’. Repeat the statements so they are firmly embedded in your belief system.

Step Four – PLUS PLUS: Think positively about yourself and think positively about the people or person you plan to interact with. Plan to create a positive environment.

Step Five – PHYSIOLOGY: Our physiology affects our psychology – to get and ensure you stay in a positive mood, think about your posture – stand tall and confident to feel confident. Think also about looking positive and happy and always SMILE it releases mood altering endorphins.

Step Six – Role Model: Think about a person who has a positive mindset and keep this in mind at all times and when you may lose positive focus for whatever reason.

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