Global Leadership Solution for a leading Global airline

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Global Leadership Solution for a leading Global airline

A  leading Global airline engaged OnTrack to aid the development of the Management and Leadership population initially, but also to support the internal team to continue that development for years to come. OnTrack were chosen to design and initially deliver two global management development programmes.


Working in partnership, with the stakeholders, from conception to delivery, a programme was designed that achieved the needs of the client and importantly the people involved in the development. As part of the overall solution, OnTrack were happy to work alongside other providers to ensure that there was a consistent look and feel to this development, compared to others in the organisation, and ensure a seamless delegate experience.

The OnTrack solution was extremely well received and received average overall evaluation scores of over 85%.

The clients Leadership and Management Development team take up the story; “OnTrack worked closely with us to develop several areas covering interpersonal, leadership and performance management skills. They listened to the brief, were extremely clear about the deliverables and instilled confidence that they would deliver. The development programme with OnTrack completely transformed our first line managers and middle managers. The OnTrack consultants were knowledgeable and highly responsive to our needs.  They worked in a collaborative way focusing on building a very effective partnership which made two-way communication easy.

OnTrack developed and delivered the modules in our management development programme that establish the company’s expectations of managers and helps them to build the capabilities needed. Each delegate that attended came away with a new approach to their everyday job which has improved their efficiency and capability as managers.

The programme works on a personal level to each delegate as well as at a corporate level to build the skills and confidence our managers need to deliver our business requirements on a daily basis. We are very happy with the overall outcome of the project.

Our people are very positive about the learning and the application of the content in their workplace.  The pool of trainers are excellent facilitators and are key to making the content come to life by encouraging delegates to think about how they would apply it in the real working world, which makes all the difference.

OnTrack are very proud to have worked with such a prominent leader in the Airline industry. It was a pleasure working with the fantastic people in the organisation to enable them to become great people managers, inspirational leaders and to ultimately simplify and speed up the journey to achieve this. Our work continues with the airline in a delivery, support and advisory capacity.

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About the Author:

Fraser is responsible for leading the team that promotes OnTrack across the world and achieves trusted advisor status with our current and new clients. He leads our client experience team in the understanding of, connectivity with, and engagement of our clients.