New Engineering Client win – Behavioural Change

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New Engineering Client win – Behavioural Change

We enjoy welcoming new clients into the OnTrack family, and I am delighted to say we can welcome another from the Engineering sector.

They are a UK based company with offices around the world who design, manufacture and sell a range of equipment used in the food industry. They have appointed OnTrack to work with their customer facing Engineers and Line Managers for a Behavioural Change programme focusing on Customer Service.

The project has two main phases, the first of which involves a diagnostic approach, developed by our global partners, Thinking Dimensions. This first phase will enable identification and mapping of key customer touch points and the standards to be adopted.

Phase two will involve OnTrack, and the client, working in partnership to design a development journey for the engineers to give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to work more effectively with their customers.  At this stage the expectation is a programme attended by all engineers and an additional element that provides the Service Managers and Team Leaders with coaching development to help them support their colleagues on an on-going basis

The project will roll out across Europe and The Americas in partnership with the newest of OnTrack clients. If you would like to learn more about Behaviour Change, have a look at our video here; if you are more interested in delivering a consistent Global Learning initiative, why not view this article written by Cicci.

Alternatively, if you just want a chat or to learn about some other OnTrack work, why not give us a call on +44 (0) 1279 652255 or email

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Fraser is responsible for leading the team that promotes OnTrack across the world and achieves trusted advisor status with our current and new clients. He leads our client experience team in the understanding of, connectivity with, and engagement of our clients.