In response to the paradigm shifts caused by the Covid crisis, we engaged with our global network of clients in discussion forums. The purpose was to gather insight, to share best practice and experiences from COVID-19 and discuss how this presents an opportunity for learning to shape the future of work in 2021 and support the growth of our economies around the world.

Nigel Jeremy and Kevin Johnson reflect on the discussions and subsequent report to highlight some areas organisations should focus on, in 2021 as they look to revamp the people strategy.

Nigel Jeremy and Kevin Johnson discuss the report findings and discussion highlights.

The report captures the main points that came out of these conversations, along with our views and experiences as a global learning organisation. You will find it packed with valuable insights that you can use to help steer your organisation through these turbulent times and start to thrive in whatever kind of brave new world that emerges. Namely;

  • What remains true? While the crisis triggered huge changes across the corporate world we outline 5 things that continue to remain the same.
  • What has changed? The COVID pandemic has had a major impact globally and caused a domino effect of change.
  • What are the implications? Global corporations are seizing these opportunities but what are the implications for HR teams?

OnTrack would like to extend our gratitude for his contributions to Nigel Jeremy, a globally recognised expert in helping organisations deliver through people over the last three decades in a stellar career with some of the world’s biggest brands including British Airways, Marks and Spencer, HBOS, Vodafone and EasyJet. He is much sought after for his understanding of working across international cultures and generations in the workplace.

Download the report now to gain insight into how other organisations are using learning to shape the future of work and support the growth of our economies around the world.