Isn’t it great that there’s an International Woman’s Day? “Hell yeah!”I hear all us women say!

Of course, it is great to celebrate amazing women who have achieved many great things. I personally can name at least 5 or 6 great women from the top of my head who have inspired me. Take for example the Williams sisters who have worked for years to become amazing, world class tennis players. They have pushed physical boundaries and were too busy honing their skills for a ‘normal’ childhood. They both achieved greatness through sheer hard work. Maxine Wright (google her – it’s worth reading her story) started life like the  majority of the rest of us. One day in July 2005 her life changed forever and despite her life changing in ways that were catastrophic she ‘stuck out her chin’ and has inspired many others to overcome disability. Her greatness has been thrust upon her, but she has risen to the challenge.

It doesn’t matter if our achievements are big or small. Millions of us won’t have international recognition for our achievements but what we can do is celebrate those successes we achieve every day. Look outward to others too and tell your colleague what a great job she has done. Pat that fellow mum on the back when she deals with another nightmare school run! Also thank that older and wiser lady for passing on her knowledge to the next generation. By spreading positivity on this day, we hope we can inspire others to do the same. In fact, don’t just do it today do the same tomorrow and the days and weeks that follow. Start a catalyst of appreciation. Imagine how great it will feel to not only give thanks to others but to also receive the occasional thanks too.

Whilst we are appreciating those amazing women that surround us remember to thank the men that support them, and work just as hard along side them. They are doing amazing, awe-inspiring things too. Let’s this become International Recognition Day. If we start recognising greatness from the 8th March and carry on throughout the year, then next year we won’t need a special day to remember special groups of people. I’ll be setting a reminder every morning from now on to thank those around for me their awesomeness! This will improve my well-being too as positivity is contagious. Regardless of gender spread the positivity.

Think for a moment – who am I thankful for today? Now, go tell them!