A harmonious composition of learning for your people

Empowering your employees is imperative to company success and learning is the bedrock of any thriving organisation. The requirements of one individual to another can vary greatly and is the reason that OnTrack employs a “learner-centric” approach to everything that we do to tailor your experience of corporate learning accordingly.

We are proud to announce a learner-centric, pre-developed Learning Platform to the marketplace. Our flagship platform, Symfni, is designed with the premise that learners need quick and easy access to great learning, which should be shareable, rateable and can be enhanced by the user.

The elegant design of Symfni has the functionality that our clients need to empower employees, but with the ability for it to be customised to exactly the clients spec.

Symfni has the capability of establishing a user’s training requirements from first visit and can generate a custom-learning journey from pre-existing learning.

Out of the box, Symfni is suitable for SME’s just entering the learning platform world to empower line managers. Larger organisations will be attracted by its functionality enabling a coaching culture, sleek user interface, and ability to further integrate with existing systems.

Compose your own Symfni

Learning Journeys

Create custom learning pathways for your people based on role, current skill-set, preferences and goals. Rolling out a new Performance Management structure? Create the learning and assign the journey to the relevant groups of people.

Learning Playlists

Do you need more than just an organisation or role dependent “Learning Journey”, users will be able to curate content as well as add any content they wish to a “Learning Playlist” for future reference to completely personalise the learning experience.

Recommend and Assign

Have you found some content or journeys that may be of use to a colleague or your team? Symfni has quick and easy features to share and assign content to other people.

Need more?

We create tailored learning platforms to suit the needs of your business, no matter how big or small. Every organisation is different. The needs of your people will be different. So why settle for a learning content management system designed for the masses, when most of it is redundant to you?

Build your future with Symfni and develop it to the needs of your people and business. Or we can create something completely bespoke to you.

It makes sense to choose a learning and development company that creates bespoke Learning Platforms and Learning Content – you can then be sure the two are totally compatible. OnTrack is one of the very few companies with this capability and the only company that combines it with Live Learning.

Our team are relentless in identifying your specific needs and building revolutionary tools that will inspire and engage. Its your future, where do you want to take it?