Boost employee morale and engagement, develop leadership within your organisation and enhance internal relationships – all through supporting high-impact sports programmes within communities across the U.K. We want our valued clients to get involved with SportInspired, a fantastic initiative which uses sport to help disadvantaged children develop skills and build relationships.

So who are SportInspired?

SportInspired was founded in 2008 when an experiment between two University friends on Hackney Marshes bloomed into an organisation which uses sport to unite communities, delivering 40+ programmes per year. Their first official parther was UBS Bank, when their Community Affairs team had the vision and courage to step up and support an unknown, but ambitious team. The organisation has been growing ever since and are now working with 10 corporate, local authority and charity clients including Sky, Barking & Dagenham Council. Lloyds, Legal & General, Publicis Group and Business in the Community. Together, they work towards a vision of communities connected with energy and passion, where young people are active and enjoying it.

What do SportInspired do and why should you get involved?

SportInspired believe in social “change from the bottom up”. Currently with over 55,000 corporate volunteers
from across the UK involved in their community programmes, they are able to help kids from around 50 communities – including an emphasis on ‘less sporty’ kids and indeed ‘team spirit’, that helps ensure their programmes are inclusive for all. In order to hit all the desired communities across the country they desperately need more business leaders to get on board. With your help, ultimately SportInspired can become a national movement.

How have OnTrack International helped SportsInspired?

OnTrack International came on board to help SportInspired by ensuring their large, corporate clients understood the new and innovative opportunities for CSR, HR and brand development, within their local communities After working with one of our clients and SportInspired, we were able to help them “see our world with a lot more clarity”. OnTrack recognises the need for these types of initiatives and firmly believes that more large organisations should champion them and get their leadership team involved.
Now we want our valued clients to help SportInspired achieve their vision. Through a small investment into your community, SportInspired will ensure it goes a long way to make a difference, not only to the young people involved, but also to your business as a whole. across the UK.