Time to Reflect – How to Make Better Decisions

||Time to Reflect – How to Make Better Decisions

Time to Reflect – How to Make Better Decisions

I rarely have time to stop and reflect. Like hundreds of other working mums I tend to leg it from the school gate, to my desk at work, to swimming lessons, to the football pitch, on a daily basis with very little time to reflect on the decisions I have made. I have to make decisions quickly to ensure the decision gets made (if that makes sense!).

I was recently allowed the luxury of a three hour train journey to Manchester to visit a client. With an organised inbox, I allowed myself an hour to just sit and watch the world go by.

Trust me, to get to this position was difficult. A total of five different people were looking after my children in that short twenty four hour period. I have used a lot of ‘child care vouchers’ to get here, but it is so worth it. That one hour was the best one of the day. I reflected on conversations I had recently had with colleagues. I decided how to handle a difficult email. I made up my mind about whether or not to take annual leave for school sports day (this was a tricky decision!). I was able to review each member of my wonderful Business Services team and think about their development. None of my thoughts felt rushed and I allowed my thoughts to flow. I trusted my mind to put the thoughts into my head that I needed to deal with. My subconscious led the way. I felt revitalised and not bogged down by the thoughts I felt guilty for not having.

I have vowed to do this again and not wait for the next train journey! Just a few minutes each day of ‘reflection’ time will give me the chance to clear my mind and make or review good business decisions. I will then have the chance to review any business decisions I have made recently which will in turn help me to make even better decisions in the future.

So if you see me staring into space, please know I am not bored/ disinterested/ lazy – I am just taking five minutes of reflection to achieve better things next time!

About the Author:

Angela has overall responsibility for the general management of the support function. Angela is one of our longest serving team members and she has an extensive knowledge of OnTrack and our customers. Her vibrant energy ensures the smooth running of a complex international operation.