Building Partnerships, Achieving Goals

||Building Partnerships, Achieving Goals

Building Partnerships, Achieving Goals

At the turn of the year, we embarked on our customary OnTrack survey of our clients to check that we are achieving our target of being the Most Valued Development Partner. All measurements aside though, the unprompted open comments we receive from the survey every year provide us with the true story of the learning & development industry and of course, our clients.

It certainly feels like the learning and development world is very buoyant presently. There is a revitalised confidence in L&D and its place within organisations – a view shared by Arqiva,, Iron Mountain, Turley and Fidelity Worldwide Investment. The conversations we are having with all of our clients, and indeed the work we are doing is proceeding with a renewed gusto as if a fog has lifted. We have come out of this fog with a new found respect for technology, and understanding of how it can be applied in a learning world to achieve the objectives relevant to the business.

As a learning business, we continually learn from the changing landscape of commerce and our clients businesses. The strong relationships that our people have built enable us to have the difficult conversations, to throw ideas around and to ultimately ensure we achieve, as a partnership, what we have set out to do. A number of our clients including Kimberly Clark, HSBC, Britvic and Barclaycard have called us “thought provoking”. Without the trust and respect from mutual peers, it can be very difficult to have the conversations which lead to new ideas and approaches.

It never ceases to amaze me, how reciprocal our partnership is with our clients. We exist to realise our clients’ business objectives through their people. In order to do this, we have to form a very clear, concise, deep and trusted relationship with all of our partners and ultimately deliver the result that allows them to achieve. One thing that certainly came out of the survey and the comments within was the strength of the partnership we have built and how that continues to grow, through the insatiable appetite for learning.

I am immensely proud of the fact that 100% of respondents would recommend OnTrack and that 100% would also use OnTrack again next year. I am proud of this, as should everyone within OnTrack and indeed our clients, because together we have formed a formidable partnership that ultimately, works.

About the Author:

Fraser is responsible for leading the team that promotes OnTrack across the world and achieves trusted advisor status with our current and new clients. He leads our client experience team in the understanding of, connectivity with, and engagement of our clients.