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Culture Change in Business

A multinational general insurance company partnered with OnTrack International to address a Silo mentality culture change in the business.

Client Challenge

The main objectives were to get people thinking about great business and to change the culture from a silo mentality to become far more proactive and flexible to generate business success.

The insurance giant has four main business areas including retail and commercial. Each of the four areas were are working independently which not actively sharing information or knowledge with others. The impact of this reducing the organisations efficiencies and eroding the corporate culture.

OnTrack Solution

A solution was designed, customised to the organisation and the challenges they faced, that would break down the silo mentality and empower the managers to allow information to flow freely across the four business areas.

The solution was designed to create a sense of unity within the organisation to help combat the silo’s. By working toward a shared goal we created a sense of community and more open communication. In order to create this sense of community, the programme was rolled out simultaneously across all four business areas.

The impact of the programme was almost immediate, as the programme sponsor explains;

“We were so impressed with the initial roll out of the change project that we have already commissioned another programme aimed at Sales Management. Again this will be rolled out across the whole of the group.”

The first stage of the project influenced 3,000 mid to senior managers initially, then the second stage was rolled out to junior management across the larger group, in a top-down manner, which employs over 13,000 people.

OnTrack Project Manager Matt McIntyre;

“The impact has been immediate. The people within the organisation are fantastic and all really hungry for it.”

About the Author:

Matt joined us in November 1999 and is our Head of Learning and Development. He has a great ability to connect via a warm, friendly and engaging manner. Matt has not only worked extensively throughout the UK, but has also delivered across Europe, the Middle East and the USA.