The Client

At OnTrack we are enormously proud of our prestigious client list – incorporating some of the most exciting and successful companies in the world. Many of our clients have partnered with OnTrack for many years resulting in OnTrack being declared the Most Valued Development Partner for the client.

A great example of a successful partnership has been our work with with a global pharmaceutical company with their HQ in Switzerland. A relatively young and innovative company with whom OnTrack have been working, and growing with, for nearly 20 years.

This biopharmaceutical company focuses on the delivery, development and commercialisation of innovative treatments. It was founded in the 1990’s growing quickly, with OnTrack support, to have over 2,500 employees and a global network with affiliates in over 30 countries. This success ultimately led to the acquisition by an American multinational corporation. Part of the organisation’s success has been their commitment to attract and retain the very best people to help them discover and produce innovative treatments. They have realised the importance of the role high quality learning and development initiatives can play as part of their retention strategy.


The solution

OnTrack Solution

OnTrack have developed and delivered a range of skills programmes as part of this commitment to deliver high quality development to their most important resource: their people. The company has had to face many business challenges as they have grown into a global player and OnTrack has helped them face the challenges related to their people which have arisen as a result of their rapid growth.

So why have our partnerships with this organisation and others like them, been so successful?


The outcome

OnTrack Measured Results

There are 5 main reasons we have identified which have helped us to become the Most Valued Development Partner to many organisations:

1. Working ‘With’ not ‘For’

We have developed a true partnership for our mutual benefit rather than a master and servant relationship. This requires both parties to have the right mental approach and mind-set. It requires a commitment to work in an open and honest way with respect and understanding on both sides.

2. Clear Communication

Lack of or poor communication is the relationship murderer. Communicating regularly and accurately with both the project team and the client keeps everyone up to speed. Keeping up regular contact with the client even if it is just to say ‘Hello’ by mail or even better by telephone is the lifeblood of a healthy relationship. We strive to build a strong relationship through authentic interest and empathy with the client. We manage all the communication ‘touch points’ in the relationship to ensure the clarity and quality of communication is excellent whoever the client speaks to.

3. Speed of Response & Flexibility

We aim to be prompt in everything do. We reply to emails and telephone calls as soon as possible. We try to respond to requests as soon as we receive them. We always aim to avoid allowing emails to simply sit in an inbox. Flexibility is also a key requirement in addition to being creative in responses and our approach to problem solving.

4. Reasonable Expectations

We communicate an expectation and an understanding on both sides of what is fair and reasonable.  We look for opportunities to talk about this regularly and review how we are doing. We always try to communicate to the client if there is a looming problem or challenge. We share our concerns and together aim to arrive at a resolution.

5. Quality of Service

We endeavour to maintain a consistent quality in all that we do. We make regular checks to ensure quality standards are not just acceptable but exceeded. We ensure there is rigorous evaluation and analysis of feedback from participants so we can provide valuable feedback to our client. 

Finally, even when a relationship has existed for a long time, taking care never to rest on our laurels, we are always striving to be better. Living our core values including ‘Better and better all the time’, always keeping in mind the delight that we experience to have the company as our client and in doing so creating a true and Perfect Partnership.