The Client

Our client is a leading provider of electrical, industrial, and communications MRO and OEM products, construction materials, and logistics services. Throughout the world, they provide innovative supply chain management services to more than 100,000 customers in 52 countries, with over 219 warehouses across the world reducing customers total cost of production and implementation.

The main project, at the time, across all functions of the business was the cost down initiative, the Executive were looking for some useable and innovative suggestions from the graduate team to support this. The global organisation felt that it was an essential requirement to equip it’s graduates with the skills and tools that would allow them to succeed. As a business, they believe every manager can contribute to the excellence of their organisation’s performance, for customers and clients, through the quality of their problem solving and decision making


The solution

OnTrack Solution

OnTrack were selected to design and implement a new graduate development programme to roll out in the UK. This programme was specifically designed to develop the next generation of leaders within the business and equip them with the best tools and techniques to move the business forward.

The intake of graduates started a 10 module development programme specialised to the specific needs of the client, and involved both pre and post learning assignments. The order of the module roll out was to be situationally determined depending upon the needs of the business at the time which was going through huge change due to external pressures. Due to the massive impact of these external factors, the programme addressed some specific needs.


The outcome

OnTrack Measured Results

Rolled out by Matt McIntyre of OnTrack, the programme was made very relevant to the delegates by getting them to bring situations real to their areas of work, so that the processes and tools of the module could be applied, this was part of the delegates pre-workshop assignments.

The programme not only developed the Graduates and aligned to the business; it also enabled the business to tackle some strategic challenges faced in a very challenging environment. The projects provided some very impressive return on investment for the client, reported internally and started a long and successful relationship between OnTrack and the client.