The Client

This flag carrying airline operates scheduled services to over 40 destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Far East. The airline commanded an impressive fleet of aircraft and has the distinct advantage of possessing the strongest network across the Middle East.

As part of a new strategy, they were looking to develop and implement a “Best in Service” Culture Skills programme, to complement their existing award-winning products and services.

Central to this is the continuation of their regional, cultural and geographic values; and this initiative needed to offer both a unique and recognisable Arabian customer service experience, and to embed their “Getting Closer to the Customer” ethos.

The client expressed a desire for the programme to develop its own brand and identity, which would enhance the sense of pride and excitement around this programme; which in turn, encourages participation and transference of the skills back into the work place.


The solution

OnTrack Solution

The main objective was to develop and accredit a team of Champions to effectively deliver the two OnTrack designed key programmes independently. This created a self-sufficient delivery team who could roll this programme out to approximately 1800 front line staff.

The programme consisted of; 

Experiencing the Customer Journey. A highly interactive experience attended by 125 delegates at a time, delivered to a total audience of 1800 across the year.

Getting Closer to the Customer. A highly experiential two day workshop where groups of 25 delegates had an opportunity to fill their personal customer service toolbox with a number of practical techniques, skills, approaches and strategies to help them improve the quality of each of their interactions with internal and external customers, and create a lasting impression.

Train the Trainer. The selected group of Champions underwent an extensive Train the Trainer programme which culminated in accreditation as Lead Champion or Support Champion.


The outcome

OnTrack Measured Results

The target was to accredit as many Champions as possible out of an initial group of 23 into Lead Champions who could deliver the programme unaided, to the rest of the organisation. Out of the 23 individuals who started the programme 20 were accredited into Lead Champions with 2 accredited as Support Champions. 

The Lead Champions then delivered the programme to the rest of the organisation and across the whole group they achieved incredible feedback of 4.5 out of a maximum of 5. All of this was achieved from their delegates after their first independent delivery and amazingly it has been consistently maintained.

As the OnTrack lead consultant explained: “These Champions had never trained before. They are call centre staff, cabin crew, HR support and this development has seen them deliver to their first live audiences which included their CEO, a terrifying prospect for anyone!

The CEO was really inspired and insisted that all 29 of the Executive of the airline participate fully, as he saw the tremendous value and potential to truly make the winning difference for the company.”



What our client said

“Every employee in the company needs to understand the importance of high-quality customer service and be equipped with world-class service delivery skills and attitudes.

The launching of this training initiative was a positive step in this respect as we aim to further enhance the unique and recognisable Arabian customer experience for which the airline is known for and, to get us even closer to our customers.”