Chaos, Uncertainty & Change – How do we handle it?

|, Video|Chaos, Uncertainty & Change – How do we handle it?

Chaos, Uncertainty & Change – How do we handle it?

On 23rd May we teamed up with Maria Franzoni to arrange an exciting evening filled with some very accomplished speakers dealing with change in the uncertain times we live in. Here you can see a quick recap of the evening: 

You can download the Chaos, Uncertainty & Change eBook here. 

More about the speakers…

Bruno Marion – Be Future Proof

Bruno Marion is a futurist, an expert on global trends and innovation. Bruno will share a mind blowing, paradigm shifting, immediately actionable and sustainable framework to make you thrive in uncertainty and create new breakthroughs.

Tim Reid – Turbulent Times… You’ve Got To Laugh

Tim is best known for co-creating and writing the BAFTA winning sitcom, Peter Kay’s Car Share. But as well as being a successful comedy writer, Tim is a world class innovation expert, and he’s passionate about combining these two skills to help organisations become as creative as comedians. Read Tim Reids Blog…

Jamil Qureshi – Turning Ambition into Achievement

We often talk about the right behaviours needed for success, but our actions come from what and how we think. This is also true of our team and customers. To drive meaningful change within others or ourselves we need to understand the difference between commitment and compliance. True ownership of results can only come from establishing the right thoughts and attitudes. To do differently we have to think differently.

Penny Mallory – The Power of Pulling Together

Penny knows, from her time competing in World Championship Rallying, that if you can get all the people in your organisation pulling in the same direction, you can dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.

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