Emersive Experiential Adventures Launch Event

||Emersive Experiential Adventures Launch Event

Emersive Experiential Adventures Launch Event

Did you miss our exciting showcase evening in London?

OnTrack International is delighted to announce a new partnership with UK-based Emersive, experts in experiential events. Last month we hosted a showcase event to mark the launch our range of ground-breaking team building experiences entitled Experiential Adventures.

Here is a reminder of the night for those of you that attended and a snapshot of what you missed for those of you that sadly couldn’t make it.

After assembling outside Temple station we were given a hint as to how the evening would progress when a seemingly ‘lost’ member of the public bumped into one of our guests triggering a search for clues amongst the streets of London.  Organising ourselves in teams we each located a fragment of information which combined with others leading us to a mysterious set of brown double doors.

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Armed with a code word and special entry instructions we found ourselves ushered into the empty and slightly eerie Aldwych tube station.  Closed in 1994 the station formed part of the Piccadilly line network.  During World War 2 it was used to store precious artefacts from the British Museum including the Elgin Marbles.

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After a briefing from the Station Supervisor our group was tasked with a training simulation exercise which started with a 100 ft descent down the 120-stair spiral staircase to platform level.

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With the clock ticking, teams explored the abandoned tunnels, lift shafts and empty platforms collecting a trail of vital information and clues.  Even though we started the evening off as strangers we soon built a camaraderie bringing us together as one cohesive team with a shared objective. As the station announcement counted down the final seconds, teams ascended the stairs to track down a hidden combination safe.  Had we done enough to crack the code the safe?  Thankfully we had.  Inside were details of our secret finale venue a short distance from the station.

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Welcomed with a glass of bubbly and some canapes at our finale venue, we had the chance to share our experiences with other teams new found colleagues.

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Although the evening was planned as an entertaining interactive taster everyone found that they were absorbed into the immersive nature of the experience.  Matt and Robin then gave a brief presentation demonstrating to the group the exciting potential of blending storyline driven immersive experiences with behavioural analysis tools to propel a team’s performance.  I must admit that despite the evening being fun and exciting you could really see the benefit it could have amongst colleagues.

Experiential Adventures are a fantastic new alternative to the usual team building days, as well as being the perfect excuse to really enjoy yourselves whilst improving team culture.


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