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Sales & Negotiation Training Programmes

Consultative Selling & Negotiation skills

We know that sales and negotiation skills don’t come naturally to everyone. However, we firmly believe that with the right training and support these skills can be successfully developed. Within our bespoke corporate sales training programmes, we use a blend of techniques and take into account things such as behaviour, attitude and skill. In turn, your employees will deliver more successful results for the business. Our sales training programmes have been undertaken by many well-known organisations such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Ford, Vodafone and more.

  • Sales Management
  • Increasing Business Income
  • Consultative Selling
  • Relationship Management
  • Negotiation Skills

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Just a short note, to say how much I appreciate what you have done to help HSBC change our business in wealth management. Every day we make a bit more progress and your outstanding work is at the core of that change!
Michael A Schweitzer, HSBC Wealth
Very Positive: I feel more prepared for future negotiations, more aware of other party, strategy and “dirty tricks”.
A Delegate, HSBC