Behavioural Intelligence

Behaviour Analysis and Mastery

At OnTrack, we firmly believe that people shouldn’t be restricted by communication or behaviour skills. Our programmes include both verbal and non-verbal behavioural analysis which can measure how effective your employees are at communicating and behaving within the organisation. It has demonstrated a marked value return in various situations such as performance reviews, coaching, running effective meetings, giving feedback to name just a few. Behavioural Intelligence can be entirely flexible to the individual needs of your employees and organisation.

  • Verbal Behaviour Intelligence (VBI)
  • Physical Behaviour Intelligence
  • Thinking Intelligence

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Very positive – Clearly delivered, gave me the opportunity to discuss subject matter with trainers and colleagues. Lots of take aways.
It turned out to be one of the very best courses I have been on. I’m usually one of those people who attend a course, then forget about it. On this occasion I started to make changes the very next day. I am looking at everything I do and questioning whether I could make better use of my time.
A Delegate, Barclays