Truly global coverage

We work with major global organisations and our ethos has always been about becoming their most valued learning and development partner. To give them the support this requires we have created a network of offices, partners and consultants in almost every country.  In the few places where we don’t maintain a local presence we have the resources to recruit swiftly and develop effectively.

Top talent with local affinity

We’ve been building and refreshing our international team for over 30 years, hand picking those rare individuals that combine business experience, expert knowledge and superb delivery capabilities.  What’s more, because our consultants are locally based, they understand the unique nuances of the regional culture and have a greater affinity with your local people.

Clark Brown – Americas
Queenie Loo – Asia
K Jayshankar – Middle East

Live Learning on the spot

The most effective blended solutions generally incorporate some element of Live Learning.  However, not many providers can genuinely deliver high quality face-to-face sessions spread across multiple locations, countries and continents. With our truly global network we are one of the few that can truly achieve this – which is why so many of the world’s largest global businesses partner with us.