Whitepaper: Urgency Addiction

|Whitepaper: Urgency Addiction

Urgency Addiction

Author: Jim Hetherton

Jim-webThe bombardment of information coming at us from multiple sources (e.g. texts, emails, Tweets, Facebook reminders, blogs and alerts), coupled with the demands of our careers, are overwhelming and distracting.

The sheer volume of information threatens our ability to think clearly and make wise decisions about what’s really important. If we react to these stimuli without clear judgement, we fail to accomplish the goals that matter most in our profressional and personal lives.

“Urgency Addiction” relates to the daily problems of people who must struggle with the ever-increasing demands of work and home life. For some strange reason we have consciously or unconsciously linked busyness with importance. If you are not busy how could you possible be important? Yes I am an offender like many of you reading this, of being in perpetual motion and ALWAYS being busy.

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