Whitepaper: Succeeding with Stakeholders

|Whitepaper: Succeeding with Stakeholders

Succeeding with Stakeholders

Author: Kevin Johnson, CEO at OnTrack International

Kevin ( web3)Many of the results we are required to deliver, in our modern organisational structure, require us to satisfy the needs of matrix type project/delivery teams. This often means that we do not have direct line report authority to drive results. The consequence is that we need to be able to manage those key stakeholder relationships exceptionally well. In fact many of our projects and key innovation initiatives fail or are delayed because either they have not given enough attention to support our success, or we have not engaged them well enough.

How many times have we included in a distribution list, at critical sign-off stages, key stakeholders who have not commented and then when we get almost to completion they raise their concerns and we have to take several steps back, adjust and repeat work that should be OK the first time. Ensuring their engagement is critical to our personal and business success.

This is a symptom of one of the major root causes, and that is that our interactions with our stakeholders tend to be driven by circumstance or business demand rather than proactive design to help us achieve the right results.

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